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Gyan Singh’s Write Up

Reliance public school did not only nurture my curiosity and thirst for knowledge but
also played a crucial role in shaping my dream of pursuing a career in medicine. It is the
place where my ideas flourished and the friendships grew. I am always grateful for the
right guidance of all my teachers to spark on my interest in the sciences and lay that
strong foundation that would undoubtedly sustain my stand on that demanding journey
of medical education.

I am, today, proud to be an alumnus of Reliance Public School and interact through this
digital platform that is absolutely owned by Alumni Association of Reliance Public
School. I sincerely thank to all those proactive graduates of Reliance Public School who
have taken an initiative to established Alumni Association of Reliance Public School
with its motto of ‘Giving Back to Society.’

I anticipate this platform would come to be an excellent channel to interact and engage
of the former students of RPS and develop further planning with which we can positively
contribute to our society and keep on sustaining a prolonged friendship.

Gyan Singh
MBBS Student
Universal College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital
SEE Batch -2017