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Sahena’s Blog

Dare to dream! No Matter How Big Your Dreams are, keep on Believing in Yourself!!
As a student of class 2075, I am happy to have this opportunity to connect with all of you and
share my journey till date. Looking back at my school days, I feel nostalgic and enchanted.
Reliance Public School has given me different platforms, where I could polish, develop, and
show my skills and talent. From studying subjects to learning the leadership qualities, my school
days have made my foundation very strong. My engagements in various national and
international activities, during my school days, like in LORDMUN at Bangladesh, Student
Exchange Program to India, International School Award tasks and many others have made up
what I am today. I would like to thank my school, from the bottom of my heart, for all those
spaces which tremendously helped me in my personal growth.

Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree through TAFE NSW, Australia but the memory I
have treasured in my mind still remains fresh and I resound those in my reminiscence. I am
happy to hear that Alumni Association of Reliance Public School has been formed and it has
been organizing different activities to promote the academics and related other skills of our
successors. On this move of nobility, I make my commitment that I would best contribute from
my side to any such activities that would benefit to my root of origin to the best possible in the
form I can.
I am a proud RPS alumnus and to all my fellow alumni, I request to share our experiences and
celebrate our accomplishments through this platform and make our alma mater feel proud of us.

Cheers to us and the remarkable journey we had!

Ms. Sahena Shrestha
Bachelor’s Degree Pursuant